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Graanulite Ultramix

Graanulite Ultramix


Pellet Ultramix is a blend of highly soluble low oil pellets that are all proven carp catchers in their own right. This blend contains a vast range of colours, aromas, flavours and soluble attractors that slot together perfectly to create a bait that can be fed at any time of the year.
Kaal 1.00 kg
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With such digestible energy and protein sources, Pellet Ultramix is an extremely effective 'winter' pellet product but can also be used in warm conditions where a quick breakdown time is required. Made up of eight different pellets, the baited area where Pellet Ultramix is used will constantly change as each product breaks down at a different speed, releasing a stream of nutrients into the swim.


For use in winter, Pellet Ultramix can be enhanced by the addition of Minamino, Hemp Oil or Tiger Nut Extract to give it a soluble outer coating that will easily leak off the each pellet breaks down. For use in summer replace these liquids with Trout/Halibut Oil, Salmon Oil or one of our Boosted Natural Liquids.

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