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Depth Charge

Depth Charge


This superb loose feed product has been developed for use within a wide range of angling situations and will quickly attract fish into your baited area. With a strong emphasis on varied particle sizes, Depth Charge contains fine, water-soluble powders which form an appetising milky cloud, medium-sized food particles which slowly sink and waft around in the baited area and finally, a combination of 4-8mm pellets which will quickly sink onto your chosen spot forming an awesome carpet of food items which will hold fish for a prolonged period.
Kaal 1.00 kg
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Depth Charge contains 14 different proven fish-catching ‘components’ meaning it can be used with any boilies or hookbaits with 100% confidence, quickly pulling fish into your chosen area. It releases a complex blend of sweet, nutty tastes and aromas which will send powerful food signals over long distances in any water temperatures.

Its unique particle profile makes it the perfect choice for anglers delivering bait by pva bag, pva sticks, bait boats, spod or rowing boat.


Depth Charge can also be personalised by the addition of Liquid Foods or boilie-matching Liquid Additives to tie in this incredible loose feed and your chosen boilie or hookbait.

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